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Soul Recon is a program of transformation and self-discovery in the pursuit of high growth life leadership. All participants who embark on the path through Soul Recon face a strategic curriculum that is based around leadership, empowerment, community, advocacy, ecology, world-centric emotional connection, and environmental immersion intertwined with outdoor challenges. Ground zero for training is located in a remote wilderness destination on a northernmost point of the globe known as the crown jewel, the last of the wild, the Arctic Circle. In this rich and rugged environment, Soul Recon will expose and educate ten young adults from the lower 48 states into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge base camp along the Ivishak River spanning 95-miles flowing north, through the Philip Smith Mountains and the northern foothills of the refuge lands.

Soul Recon is developed and spearheaded by Terry Edelmann of Couer d’Alene, ID’s Integrated Interventions and Chad Brown of Portland, OR’s Soul River Inc. Terry Edelmann is the founder and president of Integrated Interventions LLC, based in Couer d’Alene, ID. The community-based residential treatment and wellness center treats the at-risk population ranging from adolescents to adults who experience PTSD, addiction, and dual-diagnoses. Additionally, the internationally known program offers a variety of life skills training, coaching, and direct mentoring. Chad Brown is the founder and president of Soul River Inc., based in Portland, OR. The non-profit pairs youth (ages 14-19) with recently-returned US military veterans to ultimately engage them in the outdoors. These experiences have proven to present rich, powerful opportunities of authentic healing in the midst of Mother Nature. Chad Brown believes that involving these two populations in our public lands, wild rivers, and fresh waters through genuine community will ultimately establish and inspire a new generation of environmental advocates, community leaders, and outdoor ambassadors.

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