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About Us:

At Soul River, the curative power of the river is combined with the artful soul of fly fishing to create a line of gear, apparel, accessories, gifts and home decor that reflect the individual and their outdoor lifestyle. It’s designed to fuel a love of the outdoors through fashion, art and design and connect us through our humanity and the environment.

Soul River’s retail shop is nestled in the heart of North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood. The shop is committed to offering customers signature products and a unmatched service. Founder Chad Brown infuses his love of the river into an eclectic collection of artistically fashioned products, many of the products conceptualized and designed by Chad, himself. There is something for everyone, from the angler to the fashionista.

Community is a departure point to so many beautiful and important things in our lives. Our relationship to each other and with our community has always been and will always be the heartbeat of our business. For every product sold at Soul River, 15% is given back to our nonprofit Soul River Inc. It goes toward our mission of serving inner-city youth and veterans by connecting them to the outdoors, using fly fishing as a base to build relationships through mentorship and creating ambassadors of the outdoors.

We are inspired by the idea that there is something alchemical that occurs when you converge the two concepts of the outdoor lifestyle and design. We are always looking for the perfect union between form and function. We wanted our space to hold a wide range of aesthetic influences, a vast array of ideas and concepts, even ones that are seemingly contrary to one another. There is beauty in paradox and it is often the space where unexpected but powerful connections are made.

Above all we aim to create a place that inspires the building of healthy communities and connections between people. Connections between ideas and people. Connections between the people and the outdoors; from the angler telling and sharing wild river stories, to a youth deciding that they want to conserve the outdoor lifestyle by pursuing a career in biology.

When everything else falls away, what we have is each other and the artifacts of our experience. Soul River is about celebrating each other, our time here, and the things that breathe meaning, comfort and joy into our lives. – Soul River Runs Deep within all of us.


We connect youth and veterans to a conscious outdoors centric lifestyle based on conservation, art, design and humanity through our brand and services to all communities as our giveback. We are Soul River Runs Deep.

Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep – Short Film

Soul River challenges traditional media by embracing the unconventional with their production of Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep. Created and written by creative director Chad Brown, Conservation captures modern urban mythology with the message of consciousness and awareness of responsibility we have as urban dwellers and environmental protectors.

This short film mixes art, mythology, music, and poetry to provide a fresh perspective through the personal lens of environmental justice and the outdoors inspired by the sport fly fishing. In this film, a young man goes through his life in the city and morphs with his consciousness by the guidance of a Naiad. Conservation provides a breath of fresh air from a young, urban, and hip approach and inspires our consciousness to run deep and become ambassadors of the outdoors.

Thanks to all Sponsors : Oakley, SIMMS, The Freshwater Trust, Northwestern Exposure, Hatch Outdoors, Korkers, Sierra Club, Groundwork Portland, Airflo