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  • Design by Nature

    By on September 24, 2014

    Photo by Ankur Dholakia Our lives are journeys. Often times we are not fully aware of our surroundings and...

    Soul River Runs Deep
  • Our new SR Waypoint Packs!

    By on March 21, 2014

    INTRODUCING OUR NEW SOUL RIVER LINE WAYPOINT URBAN OUTDOOR BAGS -We’ve been hard at work to create a new...

    Soul River Runs Deep
  • Soul River Partners up with the Intertwine

    By on October 25, 2013

      We are excited to partner with the Intertwine! And we look forward to the future with this phenomenal...

    Soul River Runs Deep
  • Party In the Heart of Portland 1st Thursday Event!

    By on April 7, 2013

    Thanks to everyone who came out to join us at First Thursday last week. We had an excellent turn...

    Soul River Runs Deep