SR Ambassadors


Our spark and inspiration comes from our ambassadors who are off the grid and live and work in the outdoors – not by obligation, but by passion! Each ambassador lives and breathes the outdoors and has a deep desire and respect for our natural resources and ecosystems including fisheries, water, air, and land. In essence, the outdoors serves as a balance and centeredness. This is where the rubber meets the road by joining, conversing, partnering, and strengthening our ideas into one unique offering from us to you. We stay connected to our roots and we are always guided by Mother Nature as she is so complex to extract out exactly what we are trying to accomplish in design. That is why we rely on others whom we are close to as family and supporters of the outdoors to help us decipher the code of what Mother Nature is providing for us in our design approach.

SR Ambassadors

Chad Brown

Brian Chou

Michael Davidchik

Tim Diens

Ben Rogers