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Each day, society ebbs and flows with routine. Humanity follows order and structure that is familiar to them whether its returning to that favorite local coffee spot each morning, exercising at the end of each work day, or hitting up that local restaurant for the best pad thai on this side of the Pacific. Its all about experience, comfort and reassurance in knowing you will consistently receive quality and nostalgia in one routine. We introduce to you the “Soul River experience”, creative fly fishing classes for everyone. From novice to expert, men to women, young to old, across cultures near and far – we are all Soul River.

We are all here to further and advance ourselves, which is why we are now ecstatic to announce our new classes. You will learn and experience the connection between the sport of fly fishing, art and design, and pure passion. Create memories while learning new skills in a fun, relaxed environment. You can learn at your own pace from qualified instructors who set the stage to deliver an unconventional approach to learning. The skills you learn are valuable, but the experience you have while learning is priceless.

Casting with Soul

Learning to cast is like dancing to slow, soulful music. The fly rod acts as an extension of yourself, letting the energy transfer through the fly rod. You orchestrate the line in a controlled, natural rhythm ending with a proper presentation letting the fly land, lightly and naturally. Fly casting is more than a simple movement; it is an art putting you in touch with nature and letting her therapeutic properties cleanse your soul. It requires an open mind and a feeling of centeredness.  This class is designed to provide the instruction needed to increase proficiency, build confidence, and realize success. Beyond the foundational casting instruction, additional casting techniques and equipment instruction may be addressed during the lesson.  Rods and reels are provided. [1 hour class]

Group Class –  $85 per person [3 people maximum in class]
Private Class – $100 [single-hand or spey/double-hand]

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Hi Chad,
My dad had a great time.  He said you were really patient and easy to spend time with.  He has been “air” practicing his cast. 
Thanks again, I know he really enjoyed the whole experience.

– Danielle
Portland, Oregon

Soul River Fly Tying

Soul River’s Fly Tying class allows the student to work with a wide variety of materials and fibers and gain an understanding in artistic and effective presentation to successfully mimic natural insects on the hook. Art, science, and soul interconnects for learning the basic techniques necessary for tying.  All materials are included. Children are encouraged, but those under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a participating adult. [1.5 hour class]

Group Class – $145 per person [Includes your own vise and tools. Five people maximum in class]
Group Class – $80 per person  [bring your own vice and tools]

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Soul & Cupcakes (Ladies only)

Ladies, bring your favorite wine, sweet-tooth and creativity; this is a fly tying class with a twist! Learn the basics of fly tying in this unconventional class. We’ll provide local, organic cupcakes decorated like a popular fly design and teach you to tie the fly it is based on to serve as the decoration. You can also design your own creative fly themed cupcake.  This is the Soul River experience that you can share only with your sisters or girlfriends in a fun, relaxed setting! [2 hour class must be 6-8 people]

$80 per person

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Jazz & The Wollybugger

Jazz is the product of talent, soul, and improvisation. This class captures the spirit of jazz music by teaching you how to work around conventional fly casting and tying techniques. This natural approach allows your creative side to flourish so you can tie and present the wollybugger! [2.5 hour class, must be 4-6 people]

$75 per person

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