Eye protection for the active dog Rex Specs dog goggles are designed to protect dog’s eyes from the sun and natural elements. Functional and secure – Rex Specs stay in place through all levels of activity. IMG_4742_EDIT
Who Wears Rex Specs United States Military MARSOC/ US Air Force US Coast Guard Dept. of Home Security Save Our Rhinos Search & Rescue Ski Patrol Police US Forest Service Dog lovers around the world!
Working Dogs: From US Special Operations forces to your local police department – Rex Specs are being used for deploying out of helicopters, protections during riot control, and tracking though extreme environments. Rex Specs are also used by Avalanche dogs, and Search and Rescue teams for various reasons and particularly UV protection when working on snow. Adventure Dogs: Sure, not all dogs need protection from the elements. But, for those that could use the protection while backpacking, motorcycling, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, boating, or squirreling - Rex Specs are the best solution. If you’re wearing goggles or glasses then maybe you’re partner should be too? Hunting Dogs: Hunting dogs frequently suffer lacerations and punctures to their eyes while moving through the brush and grasses. This can be easily prevented with Rex Specs.
Health Benefits Many dogs will acquire an eye condition sometime in their life. Rex Specs’ UVA/UVB protective, shatter resistant lenses assist in the treatment and prevention of many eye issues known to dogs. Rex Specs come with 2 lenses – one clear lens and one Smoke lens) Add Blue Mirror Lens CLICK HERE TO ADD! after you select Goggles. IMG_1067

Product Details:

Dynamic strap system keeps the goggle stable on the face while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view

Protect from debris, environmental hazards and UV rays Interchangeable, spherical, UV protective lens

Rex Specs come with 2 lenses (one clear lens and one smoke lens)  Blue Mirror Lens (back-ordered until March 1st)  CLICK HERE TO ADD!

All lenses are polycarbonate offering 100% UVA & UVB protection

Rex Specs are one size fits most – fits dogs 30-100lbs depending on head shape

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