Over the past weekend Soul River Runs Deep traveled to pristine Idaho Falls, Idaho for an industry rendezvous trade show. The event brought out a few of Loop’s Army including Loop’s Shane Wootan and James Park, as well as Thad of Motive, Dr. Z., and Weapon. It was great to be among some industry leaders who share a forward-thinking approach to the industry, wondering what the next biggest concept or brand will be brought to the forefront intended to keep the fly fishing industry not just alive but thriving and pulsating with new, diverse generations.

Hanging out with James and Shane of LOOP has more of a deeper meaning than just talking about rivers, fish, or the latest gear. It is a genuine connection, complex, true to the soul and they are damn grounded in their focus on the less popular, the more critical – the real future of the industry! Chasing big fish is what a lot of anglers strive to do but sooner or later the pursuit becomes less about the chase and more about creating a healthy culture with deeper meaning amongst your connection to the outdoors – from puddle jumping, to wading in the river or simply siting along the trails to take in Mother Nature. What makes the magic happens with James and Shane  and the rest of the family here is their deep strategic thought process behind fly fishing and management style within their facilities. The behind-the-scenes operation within the business rolls out an operation of fine-tuned management from shipping and product development to new business strategies. With a conscious give-back in hopes of seeing and growing the next generation of anglers, James and Shane never sit still but rather constantly stir ideas to support how we can change the way we fish, connect as inner-industry businesses and look towards a better tomorrow. Loop brands Soul River Inc with top notch fly gear such as the Evotech rods and reels which youth and veterans learn from on our deployments, enriching the experience of participant’s lives as they learn conservation, explore our public lands and wade in wild rivers.


The Cross S1 in stock and shipping out as we speak.

FullSizeRender-4The Cross SX in stock and shipping out as we speak.


FullSizeRender-3Tim Norman – Emergent Outfitters chatting with Shane in the warehouse talking business.  

With such a high caliber of quality and performance merged with consciousness and forward-thinking amongst these anglers, it is refreshing in all our conversations to know that even though the fishing can be so serious for many anglers, these guys take fishing light in heart with passion from the soul that reminds me of why we are here. It doesn’t matter about how big the fish is. What matters is being out on the river, looking at the beauty around, chasing a small little brookie trout, holding nature’s beauty in your hand. An hour from Idaho Falls, we pulled off the highway and Shane shared about the range and the long, windy river no more the six-yards in width looking like nature’s vein cutting through the land. This was not what I am used to fishing in the Pacific Northwest but this river is a jewel of a playground from a beginner to the advanced angler. Its full of rainbow trout and brookies just wild and feasting on almost any type of fly you can throw. Every cast brings the kid out of you and makes you remember why you fish! And love fioshing 1 to 2 wt rods where I am used to 7 wt spey fishing! What a blast!


Fishing the small river in Idaho for trout with James Park.


Axe watching closely as I am fishing.




Tight lines folks!