Moss Hand Made Jewlery

Moss Hand Made Jewlery

The Soul River Runs Deep retail space is one of convergence, where you find rivers of collaborative craftsmanship, artisans, and passionate creativity that naturally align with Soul River’s mission to connect the outdoor riverbanks to the urban lifestyle. Art & design is one of nature’s indelible marks of time, many of us are able to tap into what she reveals to us and form creative artistic replications! Diana Schreiber of Portland’s locally-owned Moss Jewelry, is one of these artists who seizes the opportunity authentically handed to her by Mother Nature and creatively designs hand-crafted, generational masterpieces. Moss Jewelery earrings are sold in our boutique – each set intentionally chosen and hand-crocheted by Diana herself. Prices vary and styles cannot be replicated so hurry and pick up your uniquely-designed pieces before they go!


MOSS Handmade was borne out of a love for crafts and traditions passed down. It is a study in contrast, a marriage between hard and soft elements, fabric and metal. It is finding new expressions out of the old. It is rooted in the belief that things are made beautiful by the stories behind them and the love that goes with making them by hand.

“About the designer….

Diana Schreiber was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines before immigrating to the USA in 2000. She majored in Fine Arts in the  the Philippines and later graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Portland. She inherited her mad crochet skills from her paternal grandmother and her sense of style from growing up in a house full of women. She is fascinated with vintage fabric, miniature objects and heirloom jewelry. She is based in Oregon where she lives with her beautiful daughter, Mayumi, in a house full of books.

Moss jewelry line can be found within Soul River space.

Visit us at 1926 N Kilpatrick Suite B Portland, Oregon 97217



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