Scents of Rivers by Soul River

Scents of Rivers by Soul River


So when you’re sitting by the river that you love you smell the scents of that river…and you wish you can take those scents with you. Soul River (Chad Brown) has created and captured the scents of four unique rivers located in the Pacific Northwest. Soul River Scents are hand crafted and soy-based and they instantly envelop your senses as if you’re sitting right at the river bank. The Deschutes River scent burns a warm nostalgic sage, while the Metolious River scent will immediately transfer you there with it’s cedar notes. The Yakima River scent burns a warm, smoky scent of campfire and, finally, the McKenzie River scent portrays the herbal essence of a warm day, riverside. Soul River Scents can be found, smelled, and purchased only in our retail space [on our website – TBD.]

Our Soul River scents are available in store and we can ship! To inquire you can email me about shipping or call. email
Phone 503 954 7625

Soul River Scents comes in ( 5oz – 12.00 and 8oz – 19.50)

Deschutes River
Metolious River
Yakima River
McKenzie River


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