The Celebration of Wild Steelhead Returns

The Celebration of Wild Steelhead Returns


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Portland, OR: Soul River/New Currents, Outdoors and the US Fish and Wildlife are teaming up with other area vendors to organize a fun-filled, family-friendly outdoor music event, Celebration of Wild Steelhead.

The event promotes ethical and respectful fly fishing and the conservation of Wild North American Steelhead with music, fly fishing workshops, conservation booths, and other exciting activities. This legendary species’ habitat along the western coast of North America is being threatened by outside forces and as a result the steelhead populations are being destroyed. This community outreach event encourages the community to come together to learn more about this iconic species and how we can come together and save them from extinction. Local businesses are reaching out to share the sport of fly fishing with inner city youth, veterans groups, and new generations to share responsible practices to fish respectfully and minimize angler’s footprints. There will be free fly fishing instructional workshops that cover fly casting, fly tying, responsible practices, as well as conservation seminars. By teaching new anglers the values of responsible fly fishing we can ensure the future of wild steelhead and the river ecosystems. Soul River will also be giving out free beginner fly rod kits to youth in attendance (quantities are limited.)

The celebration kicks off Sunday, September 7th at 1pm in Peninsula Park. Live reggae/blues performance is by the local band The Rising Buffalo Tribe. This event will continue until 8pm. The event is free and open to the public. Celebration of Wild Steelhead encourages the participation of youth groups and families to promote safe, responsible, and respectful fly fishing to a new generation of environmentally conscious anglers while teaching the community about their impact on the environment.