Soul River continues their series of short films with Soul River Chronicles Vol. II: Conservation.

Soul River continues their series of short films with Soul River Chronicles Vol. II: Conservation.

Challenging traditional media, Soul River has embraced the unconventional to produce modern urban mythology with a message. These promotional videos support the outdoor lifestyle, environmental awareness, and diversity in the outdoors.The next film in the series, Soul River Chronicles Vol. II: Conservation, is in production now. The film is focusing on the parallels and consequences between urban life and the outdoors from the art of spoken word.  Illustrating the hustle of the city and urban sprawl juxtaposed with the serenity of nature, the film will follow a man’s journey to see how we are all connected.

For this film, Soul River has partnered with Oakley, SIMMS, Hatch Reels, Korkers, Spring Box Gallery, Sierra Club, Hatch Flyfishing Reels, and Northwestern Exposure. Our sponsor below…



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The Freshwater Trust is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that actively works to preserve and restore our freshwater ecosystems. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we build, locally implement, and scale the game-changing tools that will achieve freshwater health.


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Spring Box Gallery: Established in 2006, Springbox Gallery and Metal Arts Studio is located at 2234 NW 24th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. Located in a warehouse in the Northwest Industrial District, the gallery is one of the largest in the city showcasing Pacific Northwest artists from emerging to mid-career, in a variety of mediums. For more information, visit