Brian Chou Sneak Preview!

Here is another sneak preview of Brian Chou’s flies coming soon to the Soul River retail space!
In addition to his flies, we are gearing up for a profile feature about this good friend of Soul River’s, angler, and soul river ambassador, showcasing his work on the vise behind the scenes, sharing his techniques, process, and philosophy behind transforming a bare hook into a masterful piece of functional art!

Stay tuned and review some of his work below!


“The Patriot” by Brian Chou – Honoring 9/11 Families and everyone coming together and standing together as one!



“Rip City” By Brian Chou – Representing the Portland Blazers – Inspired by the old classic steelhead pattern, The Red Winged Blackbird.

Tight Lines,




Live Bonafied


Brian Chou making it happen off the coast of Hawaii chasing bonefish. Loving the iconic Soul River Trucker flat brim hat.

Chou is a leader and mentor bringing unique facets of creativity, strategy, and ingenuity to the fly fishing industry. Combining creativity and tradition, he is always looking to further himself, while leading the way as a maverick of science and functionality. With years of experience as a product designer, consultant, fly tier, photographer, guide and certified casting instructor he manages to carve out time to help those willing to further their journey in fly fishing. Stay tuned for the next blog post showing Chou in the tying room cooking up some innovative, custom-tied flies that can be found at Soul River’s retail space.

DSC_0392 (2)


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Chad B.


Michael Davidchik- Industry Consultant/Writer/SR Ambassador
Now featuring in the space of Soul River – Come out and check these flies out!

Michael Davidchik (aka Steelie Mike) brings to Soul River a holistic view of life combining conservation, tradition, and creativity, and by trade is an Emergency Room Nurse in Vancouver, Washington. When not working as a public servant, he enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors and fly fishing with others.

As a Conscientious Angler, Michael recognizes the role of a modern day outdoorsman as more than a weekend warrior. With climate change, urban boundaries and the over harvesting of natural resources, Michael is passionate about the need to understand the role to maintain and improve the current state of our remaining resources. Through the written word and work though several environmental organizations, he shares this passion through the education of others about different conservation topics and fishing related issues.

Michael feels that sharing the outdoors with children not only provides them with enjoyment, but also teaches them its therapeutic nature and what it gives our soul. With this understanding and teaching Mother Nature’s many lessons, one day our children can carry the torch to help protect it and pass it on for generations to come.

“Wait a minute, just one more cast…………………………” Michael Davidchik 

Ducks Vs Beavers presented as custom tied flies by Michael Davidchick. Confidence is the key brothers and sisters! Fish with confidence and mother nature may just reward you! Come in and check out Michael Davidchik custom tied flies and if you are a Duck or beaver fan well here you go!


SR/NCO “New Current Outdoors” – C.F. “Kerry” Burkheimer

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 10.22.52 AM

With more than 25 years in the rod-building industry, C.F. “Kerry” Burkheimer, has opened his doors to SR/NCO to share a glimpse
of the spey and fly rod building business. This will be a phenomenal opportunity to hear and see first-hand from an angler,
rod builder, and entrepreneur who has set a vision and pursued a life journey in producing some of the most respected
fly rods in angling history.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 10.32.30 AM

June 14, 2014
Innercity Youth / Young Adults/ Veterans
[limited space available – RSVP to by June 9th]

C.F. Burkheimer Shop Tour
• Behind the scenes rod making 101
• The science of rod building “The art and pursuit of quality-grade fly and spey rods”
• Conservation and the responsibility of a fly fisherman for young minds
• Being an entrepreneur an small business owner

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 10.41.51 AM

carpe diem quam minimum credula postero

carpediemadThe ode, carpe diem quam minimum credula postero, meaning ‘seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow [the future]’ communicates that the future is unforeseen, that one should not leave to chance future happenings, but rather one should do all that can be done today to make the future better.

The day we set foot into the outdoors or we wade through the pulsating veins of the earth we call ‘rivers’ could be our last chance to witness the magic culminating around us. The brand of Soul River goes deep, deeper than an apparel line. It is a tapestry which connects us all to our most intimate, closest moment or our awakening toward healing of our soul. What is most important is the treasure we hold closest to us knowing and appreciating the great resource and healing powers nature has to offer and share with us. In the physical realm of importance lays our family, close friends, and sometimes even strangers.

The rivers runs deep, metaphorically speaking! Race is not an option, color is not an opinion, ignorance is not tolerated. We strive to make the green ‘our green’ and this is our color of prayer. Our nation and our brand is to celebrate. Carpe diem!

Support Soul River and purchase one of our awesome signature trucker hats ready for you to represent the outdoors and carpe diem!

River Ink


Our lives are journeys. Oftentimes, we are not fully aware of our surroundings and how they alter and influence us physically, mentally and spiritually, but we naturally take the journey even if the path seems unclear. Many of us are fortunate to have the lifestyle to get outdoors and explore a variety of recreational activities. It’s easy to take this part of our journey for granted and see the sport as one of pursuit not realizing what is right in front of us. Then again, there is also a handful of people who do not have the lifestyle to do such a thing. For me, getting outdoors has become not only a journey but a pursuit of opportunity waiting to be discovered and even challenged. I take this journey every chance I get when I go to the river to fish. I appreciate what is around me and in the water of what I may be chasing at that time; fishing simply becomes the by-product. The vehicle of exploration leads me to a self-discovery of “change” which is my transformation, my balance, and my church as an angler. On the other hand as a Creative Director/ Designer my journey has lead me down various professional paths through design, fashion and photography working in various design firms and agency’s throughout NYC, LA and Hong Kong. These various paths of opportunity to design has also lead me around the world, as an outdoorsman backpacking, seeking and embarking life into the now, to feel what it is like to live in the now.  To be shaped over time in the world is like moving through experiences in real-time, adopting an anthropologist’s personality of design weaving in and out of cultures. To experience human connections around the globe of music, art, language and various story tellings.


At one point in my journey I embarked on a 3-month backpacking discovery through Japan. I began my trek in Kummoto and eventually reaching Oturo. My passion of design, adventure, outdoors, and cultural experiences led me into doing some unique creative exercises of collecting symbols along my journey, snap-shooting my findings, and ultimately using this as a symbolic, creative exercise. I cataloged these captured, symbolic images into an archive mixed of Japanese design such as shapes, lines, typography, cool Kanji writings with hair brushed on paper, and, of course, some anime.

At one point, my path eventually crossed into the forbidden world of the Yakuza. Stumbling across some members I noticed their tattoo designs opened the door to them showing me a different perspective of how design impacts and embodies their culture and society presenting the deepest meaning and honor of the Yakuza. This greatly influenced me to see and learn their art, to hear their story telling, and to capture their culture and see how it ties into Mother Nature. Water, koi, nature, and mythical dragons are all but symbols that hold deep-rooted value in the Yakuza culture. Tattoo design was forbidden in Japan for quite some time and most places still today do not accept the art into a place of service, such as traditional restaurants or establishments.

Being influenced by our surroundings and what we are exposed to in life leads me into today as an angler sharing the water with friends by passion and seeing change around me and in this sport. More individualism is coming out from the neutral tan- and brown-colored cloth uniform. The fly fishing vest is exchanged by a hoodie, the face is getting covered with a buff and a trucker hat looking like an outlaw in character yet still passionate of the sport and appreciative of the culture. Mesh culture is in the making and has been almost underground for quite some time. Every year mesh culture is coming on stronger, faster, smarter. Where there was once not the acceptance, there is now some acceptance as the norm is abnormally mixed with vibrant color and equality of differences, regardless of socioeconomic status, practically abandons the elite standing still in time and place.

I was commissioned to design a custom tattoo for another young angler who identified with the outdoors and river. He gave me the creative license to move forward on a design for his arm as a sleeve. The client shared with me his interest and I added to it to develop and customize the design for him. The design connected with the client on a deeper meaning in some way, deep within his soul, and the biggest portion of who he identified himself as was an angler spending time on the water.

About the customized design:

Inspired by fresh-water nymph, the Naiad who inhabited the rivers, streams, lakes, marshes, fountains and springs of the earth. Injected with a flare of Yakuza design, water-style scene. Balanced by Greek mythology and Japanese culture, combined into one tattoo design of technique and style both having the balance of the river (water) and rich culture of beauty spirited by the Naiad protecting water masses, stretched and integrated with formed, dramatic  water. Displayed the moving of life species feeding through one energy source to infinity.

Medium: Pen and ink
Application: Tattoo Design (sleeve)

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.34.19 PM



Tight Lines,
Chad Brown

Soul River Partners up with the Intertwine


We are excited to partner with the Intertwine! And we look forward to the future with this phenomenal build alliance  of collating private firms, public agencies and nonprofit organizations working together to tap new sources of funding, better leverage existing investments, and more fully engage residents with the outdoors and nature. The Alliance was built over many years, but was formally launched as a nonprofit in July 2011. In its first year in operation, The Intertwine grew from 28 partners to 68. And now they are at 80 partners.


There Alliance exists to ensure the region’s trail network gets completed; that our natural areas get restored, and that people of all ages discover they can enjoy the outdoors near where they live. We exist to make our region more attractive to new businesses and to help our existing companies attract talent. There here to reduce utility and transportation costs and keep our water clean. And now Soul River has now partner up with this strong alliance of Intertwine!



Chad Brown


Our Common Ground – Gone Fishing from The Intertwine Alliance on Vimeo.