Fly #18


Angler: Travis Trautman
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Season Color Pattern: All Seasons

Species : Steelhead

Created for Deschutes River (OR), Clackamas River (OR)


Anglers Words:

Fish Catcher

This is my confidence fly for Oregon steelhead rivers, any time of year. It has hooked my largest steelhead to date on the Sandy river, and it has hooked my smallest steelhead ever on the Oregon coast!

This fly was built with proven ingredients from successful steelhead patterns, and combines them into one compact package. Lightly weighted ProTube, translucent UV polar chenille body, marabou, grizzly hackle, and a touch of flash.

I use it with a Skagit line and full sink tip, or a surface oriented line such as the Rage or a Scandi setup depending on the time of year. Super easy to cast.

Fly #18

This is another confidence fly that I keep in my summer and winter steelhead box at all times. I tie each one a little different and with a different color combo, but the general pattern stays the same. Long flowing tail, a touch of flash, slim iridescent body, with a blended marabou collar. It has a nice medium profile size and a ton of movement. Very versatile fly that can be cast on a double or single hand rod.

It’s my go to pattern for low water winter conditions, and I fish it morning to night in the summer.

Fools Gold

This is my local variation of a known classic. I fish it regularly on the Deschutes and it produces well. I think the fish get tired of purple, pink and black, so this fits in well alongside my muddlers.

Red hackle tail fibers, Peacock Herl butt, gold body, and fish catching squirrel.


Standard Yellow Wool

This is my variation of a simple yellow wool body steelhead/salmon fly. I fish this whenever it feels right on various Columbia river tributaries. If I get the vibe that the fish are heavily pressured, and I see muddlers on everyone’s line, I put this one on. It’s bright enough to stand out but blends in well with the surrounding environment.


The wool was sourced from daughters old sweater. When it’s gone, its gone!

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