Iron sharpening Iron



One “iron” is U.S. veterans transitioning into society post-war in hopes that they will find peace and comfort in the healing waters. The other “iron” is community youth transitioning from a troubled past seeking alternative methods of healing by embarking into the outdoors, joining conservation efforts, and gaining a new respect for Mother Nature. Both veterans and youth have similar trials – whether it’s literal war or a war of his/her own, struggling with street life, drugs, and gangs. By merging these two groups together, they’ll have the opportunity to mentor, learn from one another, and teach through their challenges.

Sierra Club and Soul River Inc. collaborates New Currents, Outdoors as a “leadership team” – teaching and integrating fly fishing, fly tying, casting, entomology, practicing catch-and-release, white water rafting, and river navigation. Our ultimate goal is not just to teach, but to also provide opportunity for relationships to establish between a soldier and a teenager.

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