Cross-Cultural ALASKA Exploration 2015



August 1- 15 2015
Location: Kenai River, Alaska
Total Participants: 28
Summary: The goal of the Cross-Cultural Expedition 2015 is to expose and educate 14 youth and seven veterans from the Portland-metro area to an indigenous culture that relies heavily on the natural world and wildlife for sustenance and sustainability. This is designed to have balance between both worlds therefore we will pair up each Portland- metro youth with an Alaskan youth so they can learn from one another. The expedition will be heavily organized in collaboration with the US Fish & Wildlife Service team in Alaska. We will provide a variety of structured workshops throughout each day that will be teaching a variety of topics such as but not limited to fly fishing casting, entomology, cultural awareness and education, conservation/environmental issues, and careers in the STEM subject areas. This is budgeted for ten days but should be no shorter than seven days.

  • Date:
    August 1 -August 15 Cross-Cultural Alaska 2015
  • Client:
    Soul River Runs Wild
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