Michael Davidchik- Industry Consultant/Writer/SR Ambassador
Now featuring in the space of Soul River – Come out and check these flies out!

Michael Davidchik (aka Steelie Mike) brings to Soul River a holistic view of life combining conservation, tradition, and creativity, and by trade is an Emergency Room Nurse in Vancouver, Washington. When not working as a public servant, he enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors and fly fishing with others.

As a Conscientious Angler, Michael recognizes the role of a modern day outdoorsman as more than a weekend warrior. With climate change, urban boundaries and the over harvesting of natural resources, Michael is passionate about the need to understand the role to maintain and improve the current state of our remaining resources. Through the written word and work though several environmental organizations, he shares this passion through the education of others about different conservation topics and fishing related issues.

Michael feels that sharing the outdoors with children not only provides them with enjoyment, but also teaches them its therapeutic nature and what it gives our soul. With this understanding and teaching Mother Nature’s many lessons, one day our children can carry the torch to help protect it and pass it on for generations to come.

“Wait a minute, just one more cast…………………………” Michael Davidchik 

Ducks Vs Beavers presented as custom tied flies by Michael Davidchick. Confidence is the key brothers and sisters! Fish with confidence and mother nature may just reward you! Come in and check out Michael Davidchik custom tied flies and if you are a Duck or beaver fan well here you go!


Tools for Engagement and Retention

When the Celebration of Wild Steelhead ends, what are the next steps?

Soul River and our friends and partners have planned a retention plan to keep the youth in attendance interested and motivated in cultivating their passion as an angler while developing a sense of community.

Soul River is continuing our commitment to the next generation, connecting youth to the outdoors by issuing “Soul River Passports” at the event to encourage youth to continue learning about nature and the sport. The passport lists workshops at the event to attend as well as five additional “urban outdoor clinics” that will be offered throughout the rest of the year around Portland in local urban parks, where they can come to learn more about the importance of conservation while practicing and honing their skills with the guidance and encouragement of dedicated outdoorsmen.


The urban outdoor clinics will focus on fly casting, fly tying, entomology, river navigation, and a film showing. As the anglers advance and cultivate their new skills into the new year, they will also have future opportunities presented by Soul River and U.S Fish and Wildlife.

We want to thank the Stonefly Society for their generous donation of a flyrod package that will be given away at the Celebration of Wild Steelhead event September 7, 2014!

The Stonefly Society is a group of like-minded anglers that are concerned about conserving wild life and aquatic habitats along Utah’s Wasatch range.

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“Facing a STEELHEAD is a moment of beauty only to those who seek it.”


Steelheads, the great sea-faring rainbow trout of the Pacific Northwest have been long sought out by anglers. They have become a powerful symbol representing the last bastions of legendary untainted wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. Like the lions on the Serengeti, they have become an icon to the region, and similar to the lion, they are among the species most threatened by the modern world.

Standing waste deep in cold frigid water for hours on end in the northwest, day after day, every season in the wild pursuit at just the opportunity to hook this amazing creature is a moment of beauty and praised silence. One on one time with the legendary species is beyond compare. Just listen to any angler who has had the honor of hooking in. When the moment finally comes when you best the creature for the first time in its native environment and hold it up to take in the moment (and often times capture photographic evidence), is a rite of passage for Pacific Northwest anglers.

That moment, is something that should be both treasured and shared. Anglers have a divine responsibility to pass on the rush and triumph of interacting with the chrome warriors with young anglers who can in turn pass down the experience for generations to come. If you have ever had the opportunity to go toe-to-fin with a wild steelhead you know how special these creatures really are and what is at stake.

We can all preach all day about these precious steelhead we continue to pursue day in and day out, chasing that original rush of finally pulling one in. The importance of catch and release. We can attend meetings and conferences stressing the importance of protecting these creatures and their environment, but it will all be in vane unless we can pass on the spirit of conservation and raise the collective conscious to the youth of the next generation. Strength in numbers in important and young anglers are the future of both the sport and conservation. Many young anglers aren’t yet aware of this amazing gift the Pacific Northwest has provided and it is our responsibility to share how important they are. That is our goal as dedicated anglers and as stewards to the environment.

To all anglers who share this deep passion for this amazing species that has provided so much to us as sportsmen and outdoorsmen, we urge you to pass down your expertise and experience and passion, with the youth in your community. Even if you are unable to attend the upcoming Celebration of Wild Steelhead we urge you to give back by passing on the message and tag your Facebook and Instagram photos with #CelebrationWildSteelhead to spread the word and share these amazing fish with your community and if we all work together, the world.

All youth and adults coming into the Celebration of wild steelhead event will be told to log on and with #CelebrationWildSteelhead on facebook and instagram to see your wild steelhead images.

Please be responsible and show proper respect to the fish and the sport in tagged photos.


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DEEJO The cut Above!

The most beautiful and practical folding knife.

In 1995 Baladeo, a French partner of hikers worldwide, has created a line of knives and accessories for every outdoorsman. Baladeo products are crafted with the utmost care with respect to both the craftsman and the environment. Every piece, from the traditional Laguiole shepherd’s knives to compasses and multi-tools, is built to the highest standards and backed by a lifetime warranty. Enjoy the perfect pleasure of their work! as a part of your lifestyle with high functionality in the outdoors. Deejo  is ideal to the unique, purist, style and functionality for the Hiker, Angler and backpacker whom approaches the outdoors with ultra light gear and understands how extra weight can interfere and become a burden in your productivity when embarking in the outdoors on your next adventure. And lets point the Deejo is a master of concealment in size and slimness. We are proud to offer in our Soul River space, A convergence where many rivers coming together through art, design, humanity and fly fishing.


DESCRIPTION Ultra-light knife in 420 stainless steel, matte finish. Secure liner lock system. Belt clip. Solid wood handle slab comes in three different types of wood. “Naturally fragrant” Juniper Wood, “Delicately veined”  Rosewood and dense ebony Granadilla (black wood) which is visually impressive for its deep black, ebony-like hues. It is also known for being almost completely damp-proof. It is the heaviest, most dense, waterproof wood out there, and perfect for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.








The LoFly

Now featuring in the space of Soul River. Come out and check these out!

Tier-Josh Mills Presents from Spokane, Washington
The words spoken from Josh Mills – The outdoors have always been my home, but the galvanizing moment of fishing life was when I was 19 and I picked up a fly rod for the first time.   That first Cutthroat Trout on the Elk River that ate my Royal Wulf set in motion a life that is all about fly fishing.  Married with two young boys, I am a dedicated family man, steelhead addict and serve on the Wild Steelhead Coalition board of directors.  To me, the coolest thing with fly tying is sitting down in front of a mess of materials, dreaming something up and producing a fly that has the juice.
This particular fly I’ve submitted is called the LoFly, named after a good friend who runs a non profit group that takes disadvantaged youth into the outdoors, Peak 7, which is based in Spokane as well.



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Twas the night before the two-hander, and all through Steelhead Ranch, anglers sat on the front porch seizing the chance for commune and conversation. Jack Mitchell, owner and operator of Steelhead Ranch, Ben Dow, Brian Chou, Michael Davidchik, Brian Styskal, Simon Hsieh and, myself, Chad Brown. This was an evening of wholesome dialogue centered around the passion of humble anglers, with the occasional jest. Fly fishing itself has so many layers of deep thought and rewarding memories regarding the big fish caught all the way down to the scientific and technological approach. Ambassador anglers seep in community of conversation about the gear used, the line chosen and the fly specifically created and selected for that exact moment in time. Every line has its own story and every rod has its own limit of flexibility that is almost always pushed to its maximum.


Deep thought ran its course and good, ol’ fun times was in the air. Friendships was mended even more on this porch like a family creating new memories that only they will understand and cherish. Egos aside, this was just a porch full of knowledge wound up in a mass full of experienced leaders of their own craft within the sport of flyfishing. As we talked through the night to the early morning hours we found ourselves fading away to sleep for the big two-hander event.


The day proved to be successful. Held right on the banks of the Klickitat River, people drove from all over Oregon and Washington to be part of this. This was the opportunity for participants to learn more of the how-tos in spey casting. One full day of instructions given by Brian Chou, Michael Davidchik, Ben Dow, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Cottrell and Brian Styskal were available, as well as casual opportunities to ask questions and have oneon-one support along the river. Various rods, including Loop, were available for participants to test out.


This event is a perfect event for anyone and everyone. It also provides a strong opportunity to gain and build your knowledge as an angler. What is so cool is that the folks here are like family – “river family” – and to learn on the jeweled banks of the Klickitat River is truly incredible! See you next year!

Thank you to  Catch Magazine-Tom Bie , and the Evening Hatch provided by Steelhead Ranch – Mr. Jack Mitchel and all the supporters, vendors and instructors. If you are ever heading out to the Klickitat give Jack a ring and you will surely be welcome!




Thank you Brian Chou for the photos!

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Seattle Seahawks on the Fly

It’s often a miracle when all good things merge together in perfect harmony. We can now officially say that this is precisely what has happened at Soul River Runs Deep. Where the perfect combination of art and design, along with expertise and passion of angling ultimately connect. Ambassador anglers serve during Mother Nature’s most revealing and vulnerable hours recognizing that it takes a lifestime to explore the rivers in our backyards. Figuring out currents, learning the species and their behavior including food sources, acknowledging climate changes and its contribution to color changes in the rivers, and simply holding the puzzle piece of passion all fall into prerequisites for anglers to become artists. Many of us are able to hone into the interpretive art based on the information we gather to ultimately design the closest imitation of river insect and life.



Steelhead, the fish of one thousand casts and known as the unicorn of the Pacific Northwest, is one of the most beautiful pursuits we follow. These species lead us into persevering cold water temperatures in the dead of winter just to test out our nature-inspired and hand-crafted flies. Every angler has their own personal flies that are artistically crafted and inspired by the rivers they fish. The flies are functional and totally driven by Mother Nature’s inspiration, creativity and guidance in tandem with our passion of being on the water, learning and serving. Long hours, early mornings and dusky evenings spent standing in the rushing river waters all attribute to the individually creativity of the flies we create.

Within our space you will find custom-tied flies by anglers based on their experiences in the Pacific Northwest, throughout the U.S. river waters, and even internationally. These patterns are not found anywhere else other than Soul River Runs Deep…well, and within that angler’s personal fly box. Masterful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art and functional on the river.

Today we feature angler Hans Solie from Yakima, Washington. His home river is the Klickitat and he prefers fishing it in the late fall season.



Hans has been fly fishing and tying flies for 49 years. Growing up in Everett, Washington, Hans idolized other humble, professional anglers like Al Knudson, Walt Johnson and his own father. When Hans had the opportunity to see spey flies from Syd Glasso, he states, “[they] changed how I looked at steelhead fly tying and [this] still has an influence on my fly tying today.”

Recently, Hans has been focusing on intruder-type steelhead flies. “I have tried a lot of different colors and really like blue and chartreuse for eastern Washington rivers like the Klickitat and Wenatchee,” states Hans. This winter a fly with this similar color combination won him second place in the Swing the Fly Winter Fly Tying contest. Like, many anglers, Hans still learns new things that he can apply toward creating his next fly every time he is on the water.

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Moss Hand Made Jewlery

The Soul River Runs Deep retail space is one of convergence, where you find rivers of collaborative craftsmanship, artisans, and passionate creativity that naturally align with Soul River’s mission to connect the outdoor riverbanks to the urban lifestyle. Art & design is one of nature’s indelible marks of time, many of us are able to tap into what she reveals to us and form creative artistic replications! Diana Schreiber of Portland’s locally-owned Moss Jewelry, is one of these artists who seizes the opportunity authentically handed to her by Mother Nature and creatively designs hand-crafted, generational masterpieces. Moss Jewelery earrings are sold in our boutique – each set intentionally chosen and hand-crocheted by Diana herself. Prices vary and styles cannot be replicated so hurry and pick up your uniquely-designed pieces before they go!


MOSS Handmade was borne out of a love for crafts and traditions passed down. It is a study in contrast, a marriage between hard and soft elements, fabric and metal. It is finding new expressions out of the old. It is rooted in the belief that things are made beautiful by the stories behind them and the love that goes with making them by hand.

“About the designer….

Diana Schreiber was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines before immigrating to the USA in 2000. She majored in Fine Arts in the  the Philippines and later graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Portland. She inherited her mad crochet skills from her paternal grandmother and her sense of style from growing up in a house full of women. She is fascinated with vintage fabric, miniature objects and heirloom jewelry. She is based in Oregon where she lives with her beautiful daughter, Mayumi, in a house full of books.

Moss jewelry line can be found within Soul River space.

Visit us at 1926 N Kilpatrick Suite B Portland, Oregon 97217



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Scents of Rivers by Soul River


So when you’re sitting by the river that you love you smell the scents of that river…and you wish you can take those scents with you. Soul River (Chad Brown) has created and captured the scents of four unique rivers located in the Pacific Northwest. Soul River Scents are hand crafted and soy-based and they instantly envelop your senses as if you’re sitting right at the river bank. The Deschutes River scent burns a warm nostalgic sage, while the Metolious River scent will immediately transfer you there with it’s cedar notes. The Yakima River scent burns a warm, smoky scent of campfire and, finally, the McKenzie River scent portrays the herbal essence of a warm day, riverside. Soul River Scents can be found, smelled, and purchased only in our retail space [on our website – TBD.]

Our Soul River scents are available in store and we can ship! To inquire you can email me about shipping or call. email
Phone 503 954 7625

Soul River Scents comes in ( 5oz – 12.00 and 8oz – 19.50)

Deschutes River
Metolious River
Yakima River
McKenzie River


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Soul River Runs Deep retail space – OPENS!


Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 11.32.24 AM

On July 31st many Soul River and Team NCO friends came out for the soft opening of the new Soul River Runs Deep retail space. The support of friends is truly a humble experience and made for a nice, authentic evening. Soul River was very well received and is lucky to have a deep, rich support. Thank you to everyone who came out and if you were unable to attend, we invite you to stop by anytime. Soul River’s doors are open to everyone and we hope to see you soon! We have an awesome space and it is ready to be shared. Soul River Runs Deep offers a unique lifestyle as a boutique space with a “trails to cocktails”, “riverbanks to boardrooms”, or “aquatic life to street life” mentality. We are a haven for anglers and also act as an incubator embracing our next generation of diverse outdoors people. We engage minds with conscious conservation and entertain wild river stories all while sipping on locally-crafted kombucha and offering variety of lifestyle products. Products offered extend beyond the artistically designed Soul River apparel and include artisan organic soaps, custom-tied flies from anglers all over the world, hand-crafted shaving kits made of antler and wood, Loop rods and reels, fly fishing classes, and registration for guided trips along local rivers with The Evening Hatch owner Jack Mitchell. If you’re in the Portland-area please stop by and experience Soul River. We are nestled in the Kenton area of North Portland.


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Thank you for the prayers, wisdom, direction in all support!


Chad Brown

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