SR/NCO “New Current Outdoors” – C.F. “Kerry” Burkheimer

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With more than 25 years in the rod-building industry, C.F. “Kerry” Burkheimer, has opened his doors to SR/NCO to share a glimpse
of the spey and fly rod building business. This will be a phenomenal opportunity to hear and see first-hand from an angler,
rod builder, and entrepreneur who has set a vision and pursued a life journey in producing some of the most respected
fly rods in angling history.

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June 14, 2014
Innercity Youth / Young Adults/ Veterans
[limited space available – RSVP to by June 9th]

C.F. Burkheimer Shop Tour
• Behind the scenes rod making 101
• The science of rod building “The art and pursuit of quality-grade fly and spey rods”
• Conservation and the responsibility of a fly fisherman for young minds
• Being an entrepreneur an small business owner

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SR/NCO “New Current Outdoors” Anglers Quest Olympic National Forest

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Learn and experience fly fishing on the Hoh River.  This event is open for inner city youth and veterans.

Event Date
May 30th – June 1st, 2014

Event Location
Olympic Peninsula National Rain Forest, Washington
Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center Camp Ground

14 (inner city youth and veterans)
[limited space available – RSVP to by May 15th]

Fly Fishing 101
Outdoor Leadership
Base Camping
Community Building
Fly Tying

Jason Small – South Puget Sound River Steward, Native Fish Society
J. Michelle Swope – Fly Fishing Instructor
Jeff Nelson – Fly Fishing Instructor
Chad Brown – Fly Fishing Instructor, Soul River Runs Deep/Team NCO
John Hicks – Fly Fishing Instructor and Guide, Sea Run Pursuits
Jeffery Gottfried – Tenkara Instructor, Environmental Recreational Activities
Mark Roberts – Fly Fishing Instructer

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Our Partners in Current: U.S. Fish and Wild Life Service , Native Fish Society, Urban Wild life Refugee, Echo Rods, Hoh Humm Flyshop, Tualatin River Wild Life Refuge, Sea Run Pursuits  , ERA Educational Recreational Adventures  EvolTwin Printing    LOOP USA  SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS   CITY OF VANCOUVER   COSTA




SR/NCO “New Current Outdoors” USCGA

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Soul River/New Currents, Outdoors invites inner city youth to participate in a water-based survival event.  This event program includes opportunities for participants to learn safe interactions in a water environment,  and will help effectively break a fear of water. The US Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGA) will lead and instruct on basic cold-water survival techniques. Our goal is to diminish the often generational fear of water, inspire young minds about career opportunities within the USCGA,  raise awareness and consciousness about the health of our waterways and ecosystems, and educate smart, young anglers/outdoors-people as they pursue water-based activities.

June 28, 2014 1pm – 5pm

All  Youth / Young Adults
[limited space available – RSVP to by June 19th]

Tour of USCG Base
Cold Water Survival
Conservation Education
Career Opportunities


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SR WAYPOINT Backpack Inspires a Creative Soul

“I was very happy to get out there in the rain and wind to try the bag out. My buddy was diggin’ the bag hard…” – Jerel (Hike 4Life)

As a designer, we work hard behind the (closed) studio doors creating – for ourselves or for a cause. Either way, we are always striving to satisfy someone or some company/organization out there who appreciates design but most importantly respects and values the path which professional creatives choose to take. Everyday, professional creatives/small business owners face the healthy pressures,  intense competition, and constant challenge in going up against larger companies, mass produced goods, and cheaper product. The most ultimate and gratifying gift is when a customer/client purchases and supports something that is uniquely inspired and created from my blood, sweat and tears. This gift becomes even more overwhelming when that customer/client embarks on their passion and creativity to incorporate the meaning of Soul River.  They see beyond the product with appreciation, respect, and value in an untapped, pure, and authentic way. There are no words to express the magnitude of what this means or how this feels as a creative. It adds fuel to my fire and contributes positive energy and motivation to never give up, to always keep striving for the vision and mission of Soul River.

Soul River intends to be interpreted to however you connect with the outdoor-world. That ultimately becomes “your soul river.” The company and brand of Soul River is “inspired” by fly fishing because that is our passion and connection to Mother Nature’s pulse.  Where do you connect to Mother Nature? How do you get closest to Her heartbeat? Whether its hiking, climbing, or racing, we all appreciate and value the beauty of the outdoors!

Many thanks to Jerel for your grand compliment back to us here at Soul River. We wish you an awesome, on-going experience into the outdoors with your organization Hike 4life which is all about getting folks into the outdoors. Respect to you and your organization!

“The bag stood up, felt good…my gear was dry, I felt good with it on. I’m glad that I was able to honor your mission, the name and the product through my eyes. Soul River is deep man, I’m really happy to support and as you mentioned, we need [others] to show their support, support the product, the company and the individuals that barely sleep to get products and services out there for them to take advantage of. Thanks again Chad! ” Jerel









EAST COAST “Iron Fly Event”

A fly tyer walks into a bar….
No, seriously…..

They say, there is a rhyme for the reason; even for what some consider unreasonable. I never in all my time drinking and eating in a bar or bistro, would have thought there would soon be a vice where the condiments once were.

Social evolution has appeared in
in every aspect of the fly fisher’s life. From our speech to our recreational activities. The bar fly tyers are here to stay, but that doesn’t spell death to “the wheel”

The most enthusiastic of fly anglers have most likely took to other facets such as, Rod building and fly tying.
But where and how these activities are enjoyed is a completely different story.

Through this modern generation of the hash tag, a group of fly anglers have successfully forged tradition with innovation.

The time of flyshops being the local congregant for fly anglers trading stories, strategy, and drinking coffee, now collaborates with those trading patterns and materials over some good grub, and ice cold beers.

A precipitous idea has spawned a new culture; our culture. Bringing some style and rocking new dynamics to an ever changing lifestyle.

Combining outdoor activities in a more contemporary environment seems to have reconnected the outdoor traditions, to those who were drawn toward the modern social scenes.

It’s an environment where the newer flyfishing populous feel free to socialize and enjoy the activities we love, in our own way.

Beerties, Bar Flies, Iron-Fly; are now common in the fly fishing social arena, and have taken the world by storm. It is a place where new can meet old and molt, in an environment that is familiar to both.

Live fly

By Ben Rogers (contributing writer)