NCO Partners With Boy Scouts of America Cascade Pacific Counsel



New Currents, Outdoors, officially titled Team NCO, by Soul River Runs Deep, LLC, is pleased to announce a partnership with Boy Scouts of America’s Cascade Pacific Counsel to bring exciting new opportunities to the youth we serve. New Currents, Outdoors (NCO) has been established as an “exploring post”, a position with the Boy Scouts of America’s Cascade Pacific Counsel to provide experiences helping young people mature and prepare them to become responsible and caring adults, focusing on the meaning of interdependence in their personal relationships and communities.

Explorers will focus on five main areas of emphasis including life skills, leadership experience, character education, citizenship, and career opportunities. NCO’s involvement will focus on these areas of emphasis built off embracing nature and integrating and instructing the sport of fly fishing.

NCO will provide youth the opportunity to get outdoors and explore with an emphasis on career building in the realm of nature and fly fishing. NCO will introduce the skill sets necessary for leadership responsibility (i.e., career opportunities, citizenship, and character education) and survival by the way of river expeditions.  Expeditions will vary with both day classes and overnight outings on a river base camp, with the opportunity to explore fly fishing, fly tying, conservation, backpacking, river navigation, rafting, and spark an interest in wildlife and natural sciences.

NCO is excited about this excellent opportunity to reach out even further to the community and provide valuable lessons and guidance to youth. By establishing an interest in conservation and river health will ensure a new generation of dedicated, passionate, river ambassadors who will meet the needs for future careers on the river.