From the bayous of Louisiana, streets of New York, and back down to juke joints along the Mississippi, soul jazz has its own unique presence everywhere and shows no signs of stopping.

“Soul Jazz” refers to music with “an earthy, bluesy melodic concept”  mixed with “repetitive, dance-like rhythms. I call it shelf music because just like good wine, it gets better with age. Case in point, Mr. George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic still keeping it alive!


Soul Jazz is inspired by the rhythms and sounds all around us. From the bustling urban streets to the tall majestic mountains and wild rivers, every region has a unique flavor that influences new minds and cultures, constantly inspiring innovation. But there are times when one reverts back to the old school way of doing things. Does the advancement of technology disenfranchise some and cause this phenomenon or is it simply nostalgia that keeps us going back to tradition? Cutting edge technological advancements are almost always welcome, after all they promise an improvement on existing technologies, improved performance, and better materials.

Take reels as an example. Hatch reels are technologically advanced in almost every way. Polished to perfection, they are an awesome reel to have in your arsenal whether chasing hard pulling saltwater species or the anadromous fish of the northwest. All around, they are a perfect blend of beauty and function.

Hardy reels, for example, are heavily sought out these days by dedicated new school anglers who desire a return to a simpler time with vintage, pre and post WW2 dated reels. Hardy reels are standing the test of time with new school anglers sporting them on the water and masterfully catching fish with both skill and style. From a young demographic that is always looking forward with innovation and style, it is a testament to the craftsmanship and reliability of Hardy reels that they are still being used and sought after today… and continue to perform as they did decades ago. After all this time they continue to hold true with simple, clever mechanics, gorgeous brass and agate fittings, and undeniable vintage style. By embracing history, the new school is bringing about the reemergence of vintage old school while bringing attention to what really matters in a reel; craftsmanship, durability, and reliability.

(Brian Chou Featured Photo)

Tight Lines!
Chad Brown

Images provided by: Brian Chou – Fly Angler/Photographer/Consultant  THANK YOU!

Utah Stream Access Coalition – Welcomes Grace Potter & Nocturnals

Please welcome to Utah critically acclaimed national touring act Grace Potter and the Nocturnals!!! Come out for a night of fun and good music and help support the Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC)!

Join us next Saturday 10/27/12 at The Depot in downtown Salt Lake City. You will need to get your tickets for this concert TODAY before it’s too late. Tickets are $50 and are available at Western Rivers Flyfisher in Salt Lake.

With each purchase of a USAC/Grace Potter ticket you will be entered to win in a drawing for a custom made SOUL RIVER Rod Reel Combo.




Brian Chou Pro Fly Angler

Known for his enthusiasm and passion for fly fishing, FFF certified casting instructor Brian Chou comes from a background of guiding and teaching. Through his classes, Brian has inspired countless students to pursue the evolving sport of fly fishing. His technical understanding of, and ability to articulate the theory of fly line and rod design makes him a sought after teacher and speaker at events throughout the northwest. A respected industry consultant and creative fly tier, Brian’s patterns are used worldwide. Residing in Portland, OR with his wife/fishing partner Dawn and their dog Bulkley, he spends the majority of his fishing time swinging for anadromous species with his double hander.


Brian also written an article about Skagit vs Scandi lines. You can find it here!


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