FISH TOTEM FLY ROD – Designed for Utah Stream Access Collation

Fish Totem is considered a symbol of life and success a symbol of trinity. The fish represents movement and change. The Totem Fish moves with the water and they posses the qualities inherent in all creatures that make their home under water. The water is seen as the element of deep human consciousness and clearer understanding of the self. Fish Totem signify deeper awareness and higher consciousness. Wrap around the rod from shapes to image of stream and flow shadow abstract shapes of life “Fish” Each shape from life and rocks in a stream forms into one fish riding along the handle.

Designed for: Utah Stream Access Collation
Contact: Mr. Scott Antonelli
Rod: St Croix 9” 5wt
Color: Dark Green
Thread : Green with silver metallic trim
Design By: SoulRiver – Chad Brown




Dear Chad and Soul River,

We at Utah Stream Access Coalition are amazed by this outstanding work of art from you and our friend Scot Antonetti. We are ecstatic about the donated Rod & Reel. Thank you for your willingness to help out Utah Stream Access Coalition. Your help, involvement, and enthusiasm for getting USAC’s message out to our local community is inspiring. It is truly awesome and very kind of you and to pitch in and help out the Stream Access issue here in Utah. I have to tell you how much I personally appreciate the help from you. I want to make sure on behalf of myself, and USAC just how much we appreciate your generosity. I really feel as though your contribution will be an asset to the whole rod and reel combo for auction. The finisher rod turned out very very well. Your help with the access issue is truly appreciated!

Thanks again and warm regards,


Soul River Meet Up Group- Westmoreland Park

Awesome to connect with Jad Donaldson as he made time to come out after his three day Grand Rhonde guiding trip and share some time with Soul River meetup fly casting clinic! Jad Donaldson of Opportunity fly fishing displaying Spey techniques with Anne from the meetup group whom is interested in Spey. Thanks Jad for coming out.